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Gross to net pay calculator

Salary Calculator allows you to calculate the gross and net value of salary. Gross salary includes all mandatory contributions that are deducted by the employer from the employee's salary. Net salary, on the other hand, is the amount to be paid after deducting social security and income tax, commonly referred to as "take-home pay." These deductions include: social security contributions, personal income tax, and health insurance contributions.

In the salary calculator, you can compare various forms of employment. Whether you work or hire under an employment contract, a mandate contract, or a specific-task contract, thanks to the gross-net calculator, you will find out the amount of "take-home pay."

In addition to converting gross to net and net to gross, the calculator will calculate advance payments for income tax, contributions, social security (ZUS), as well as the employer's cost associated with employment. This represents the total cost of remuneration incurred by the employer.

Net pay

Thanks to the salary calculator, you will find out in a simple and fast way what the net value of your salary is. The calculator has a feature to calculate the amount of health insurance contribution and all other contributions that will be deducted from the employee's salary.

Below, we explain a few important concepts from the salary calculator that will help you understand the gross-net converter.

The Employment Fund - the contribution is 2.45% of the contribution base.

The Guaranteed Employee Benefits Fund - a contribution aimed at protecting employees from the loss of remuneration in the event that the employer becomes insolvent.

The Cost of Revenue - expenses incurred to generate, maintain, or secure a source of income.

Tax relief - amounts to 46.33 PLN. It is eligible for deduction from income tax advances for each month in which the salary is paid, provided that the employee has submitted the PIT-2 declaration.

Gross net salary converter

The Gross-Net Salary Calculator can be useful in many situations. It is particularly practical when changing jobs and negotiating employment conditions with a new employer. Often, during discussions with a future employer, gross and net salaries are compared.

If the basis of employment is an employment contract, the calculator will quickly show the amount of all contributions deducted from it. You can also choose the contract work calculator and the specific-task contract calculator. With our salary converter, you can easily find out how much you can earn in a new job.

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